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How Node.js differs from Browser

Node.js is a server-side runtime environment for JavaScript that provides access to resources such as file system and network sockets. Browser JavaScript is a client-side programming language that runs in the browser and interacts with the DOM and web platform APIs. They use different module systems... read more ⬇️

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Node.js vs Browser | How Node.js differs from Browser



    Node.js vs Browser | How Node.js differs from Browser
    Node.js vs Browser | How Node.js differs from Browser

In this video, we explore the differences between Node.js and the browser, two essential components of web development. Both the browser and Node.js use JavaScript as their programming language. Building apps that run in the browser is a completely different thing than building a Node.js application. Despite the fact that it's always JavaScript, there are some key differences that make the experience radically different.

From the perspective of a frontend developer who extensively uses JavaScript, Node.js apps bring with them a huge advantage: the comfort of programming everything – the frontend and the backend – in a single language.

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