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Frequently Asked Questions

Some generally asked questions about opendevs & its products.

opendevs is your one stop solution to excel in the latest, most demanding web technologies and be an industry-ready programmer. At opendevs, you learn from a well-crafted & structured curriculum, practice problems to strengthen your coding skills, interview with people from top-notch companies, get premium support from TAs and 1:1 mentorship.

A team of 3 passionate developers { Ajay, Alok, Mihir } who want to make development with modern, cutting edge web technologies more accessible to an ever-growing talented Indian developer community.

As part of our mission of making quality learning more accessible to everyone, the video content, quiz submission & code submission in all courses will always remain free!
However, certain premium products/features like paid courses, code reviews, resume reviews, mock interviews, exclusive & bonus sessions, TA support, 1 on 1 mentorship, etc. are free only during the beta phase.

Login is required to access features like earning DevCoins, solving coding problems & quizzes & to track your progress among other features.

DevCoins are a way to earn rewards for your efforts. You can earn them by solving quizzes, submitting practice problem, watching course videos, reading blogs & logging in daily among other ways. Lookout for the DevCoin image icon in the app to know which features earn you DevCoins.

Yes! We are working on it and it will be available as soon as possible. Don't worry, even if you complete a course now without a certificate of completion, you will receive it once we have it ready.

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