React basics in 1.5 hour

Confused where to start learning React.js? We'll teach you foundational React with a project in this Webinar and kick start your React journey.
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  • Latest and Greatest

    React ecosystem is super hot right now and it's a great time to become a React frontend developer in industry

  • Project

    We take a practical approach over a theoretical one, so we'll teach you by building a real-world React project

  • Grow

    What comes after basics? Well, we're here to help your advance further into React with an exciting announcement at the end

Schedule & Structure

Type: Webinar

Language: Hindi

Status: Archived

Duration: 1.5 hours

Start Date: Dec 3, 2022

Expected End Date: Dec 3, 2022

  • Dec 3rd, 2022
    Webinar starts
  • Dec 3rd, 2022
    Closing remarks
  • Dec 3rd, 2022
    Exciting Announcement


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What Our Students Say

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Software Engineer
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My experience with opendevs is great and memorable. The mentors at opendevs helped me enhance my react skills. I am thankful to the opendevs for providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them.... read more ⬇️

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opendevs consists of extremely talented and knowledgeable software developers who strive to make your learning experience as smooth and fun as possible, coming from a total newbie in the world of ReactJS, their videos have helped me develop a deeper insight in the language which has in turn helped me gain confidence and crack interviews!... read more ⬇️

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Software Engineer
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Since March, I've been part of the OpenDevs community and have seen how people from different companies and colleges connect to learn. It feels great to be part of such a community. I witnessed significant improvements right away in my tech skills by learning new aspects. We connect weekly for tech sessions thanks to Ajay, Mihir and Alok bhaiya for organising weekly and keeping the consistency. In this Community, you can learn or even you can teach from your experiences we are open to everything. Do join OpenDev if you want to be part of such amazing people. It's just a love of teaching and learning with an amazing community... read more ⬇️

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Software Engineer
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I definitely would recommend opendevs. I have built great relationships with several peers in the opendevs community. Being at opendevs has been an amazing experience for me that has helped me grow personally and professionally.... read more ⬇️

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Member Of Technical Staff
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From the very beginning of opendevs community. I feel upgraded myself each day as I am connected with them. They provide such amazing support and information to us. In their community you can find multiple skilled developers from varieties of companies and students also in the opendevs community. We can pass our experience to each other. We all share our tech problems in their community and for sure we get the solution, at least they try their best to help. Mihir, Alok, Ajay they give such amazing tutorials like ReactJS, Hotstar scaling strategy, DSA many more. I am a frontend developer, but I want to learn backend also now. So I follow their backend system design videos also, great part is being a frontend developer I don't feel any confusion to understand backend system design only because of their easy explanation. Whatever they teach, they start it from scratch. They value our feedback. This opendevs community is helping a lot to make connection with the tech community. Now when I get stuck in any complex issue I feel like if nothing works I have a support that is opendevs, I will ask them to help me out. They are growing and helping other people to grow together.... read more ⬇️

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FAQs about React basics in 1 hour

You should be familiar with basics of HTML, CSS and beginner JavaScript.

Anyone who has familiarity with basic frontend development and want to get started with React.js. This webinar would also be helpful for those professionals who are working with other technologies like Angular/Vue and want to get started with React.

No, it is not. It's a totally free to join webinar, started as a community-driven initiative.

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