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An easy way to download files from AWS s3

s3 bucket
Last updated at: Thu Mar 02 2023

hi everyone, πŸ‘‹ today we’ll have a look at great tool that enables us to download aws s3 data smartly. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

so what is this tool?

this project enables downloading data from s3 a breeze, it has 3 modes (CLI mode, Interactive mode & Download All mode) using which you can download aws s3 bucket files into default or custom path.

If you choose the same directory as previous time, it''ll sync those changes.

It now supports setting of aws config like AWS Access key ID, AWS Secret key, AWS region & Output format in interactive mode

🏠 homepage

✨ npm link


npm i -g s3-bucket-downloader


run anyone of following commands (only interactive mode available currently):

interactive mode now supports setting of aws config like AWS access key ID, secret key, region & output format in interactive mode if none present in the system.

s3 # or s3-downloader # or s3-bucket-downloader

usage (advanced user)

advanced users have to set AWS config themselves for now

interactive mode:

node download

it''ll display list of all buckets in an array & ask for options like:

interactive mode options

CLI mode:

node download --bucketName=[comma,seperated,bucketnames] --path=[path to save to for ex: ../data]

without brackets ofcourse.

download all mode:

node download --all

just downloads all of the files in all of the buckets.


it shows logs too, like these:

interactive mode options

so let''s download assets form s3 without hassle & give this project an ⭐ at github?

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