care for the living, a webapp where we are trying to connect requestor to donor.

care for the living, a webapp where we are trying to connect requestor to donor.

April 01 2021

hi everyone, 👋 at opendevs our goal is to help fellow people. india recently went through a pretty rough period with it's medical infrastructure being overburdened & people not getting the care that they should get. but we saw people definitely wanted to help others & there were communications but they were all scattered. to make a single place where people in need & people who can help can come together we created care-for-the-living where people can request for any sort of donations whether it be plasma, oxygen, medicine, blood, monetary or any other & if anyone has something the other needs, they can help them out. this portal has already been helped with many requests & it's continuing to do so.

How can I access it 💻?

you can access the platform here: care-for-the-living

How can I use it 📜?

if you are seeking help, kindly click on create request and generate your request. we will do our best to make it visible to the world.

if you wish to contribute to the good cause, kindly checkout requests on the dashboard and see what you can do to help.

Can I contribute to make it better 😎 ?

of course, you can we will love it for you to come up with ideas to improve it. you can take a fork & request to join organisation to get the firebase developer credentials & come up with good improvements. this is a serverless application build with React, Typescript & Firebase so you might need a bit of experience in that.

so let's help each other & give this project an ⭐ at github or buy us a coffee?

who are we?

we are open devs an organization of two motivated developers (@alok722, @mikr13) building open source tools & software to contribute to the community. we are very welcoming towards collaboration & new people joining us in any capacity with a vision to profit community in terms of great tools and education. you can join us in various places: github twitter website